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 "To virtually provide educational programs; opportunities for leadership and networking; and support and resources for administrative professionals and business owners to enhance their personal and professional lives. " 

September President's Message

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." - Nathaniel Branden

Hello Cutting Edge Members,

It is hard to believe that we are getting closer to the fall season and as expected, we started seeing changes in our surroundings. In that same way, we are experiencing changes around us in our organization. Since IAAP has completed the timeline for the restructuration, you should have a more clear vision of the changes that are coming and when all changes should be completed.

Now is time to move forward, keeping an open mind about the changes coming, being optimistic and supportive of your chapter and division while all of us go through the transition. As I mentioned last month, keep participating in meetings, in person or through webinars, at the end the benefit will be for you. For the latest updates on the changes coming go to the IAAP’s Blog for more details.

The Cutting Edge Chapter will continue keeping you informed of additional details as soon as we get them and will keep offering educational programs that help you enrich your professional and personal life.

Remember, do not hesitate to contact me at if you have concerns or suggestions that want to share with us.

Best Regards from the Sunshine State,

Norma Elisa Mercado, CAP-OM
2014-2015 President, Cutting Edge Chapter  


Please join us for our September 2014 Meeting!

Join the Cutting Edge Chapter on Wednesday, September 10, at 6:00 pm MT/7:00 pm CT/8:00 pm ET as we learn about Gmail and Google Apps!

"Gmail/Google Apps: How To Set Up Your Life for Maximum Productivity and Minimal Clicks" presented by Patrick Allmond

· Introduction to Gmail: Why would you want to use it

· The difference between conversation mode and message mode

· Getting the most out of filters

· Labels are your friend

· Prioritizing the important things

· Multiple Inboxes

· Managing multiple email accounts with one login

· What is Google Labs?

· What are Google Themes?

Patrick Allmond is a 17 year veteran of the business world and creator of the popular “Own Your Empire” marketing system. Business owners come to Patrick to learn how to be rockstar marketers in their industry using the internet, social media and email marketing. He travels the country showing people how to generate results so they don’t waste their time or money. He is a also a frequent contributor to the local Fox, NBC and CBS news affiliates and has a regular social media segment on KSBI TV.

You may also remember Patrick as one of the speakers from our 2012 TEC conference where he spoke about mobile productivity and did the closing keynote and wrap up.

Please plan to join us for an evening of great education! One Recertification Point is pending. Register below to attend our program. All IAAP members (regardless of chapter/division) and guests are welcome! 

Register for our upcoming meeting below!

Use the buttons below to register for an educational program, click on the appropriate "Paypal" button next to your membership status that is applicable to you (see descriptions on the Membership page) or going to the Meetings page and using the "PayPal" buttons under the meeting table. 

 Primary Member $5.00 (member of the Cutting Edge Chapter only)

 Dual Member $10.00 (member of other IAAP Chapter AND the Cutting Edge Chapter)

  Guest $15.00 (IAAP members but not a member of the Cutting Edge Chapter)

  Students/Instructors $5.00 (Student or Instructor - first webinar free - see below)

Note to Students/Instructors: The Cutting Edge Chapter offers FREE registration to a first-time Student or Instructor attendee. To take advantage of this opportunity, please email Cutting Edge Chapter Programs Chair Debra Marion at to register.

Registration Notes

  • All program fees include a small processing fee of $.46 to $.76, depending on your registration status.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • You must attend the entire webinar and be signed in for at least 60 minutes to receive a recertification point certificate. 
  • All paid individuals will receive a copy of the recording. 
  • All paid individuals will receive login and registration instructions prior to the webinar. After you make your payment via PayPal, check your e-mail account associated with your PayPal account to receive further instructions regarding "registering" with our webinar software! 

If you are interested in presenting a program for the Cutting Edge Chapter, contact us by completing and submitting the "Contact Us" form! 

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CWM Division PartyLite Fundraiser

The CWM Division is having a PartyLite Fundraiser September 10-22 to assist in funding the Fall Conference. Please consider purchasing a candle or two to help them reach their goal of $1,000.

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