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June President's Message

Simon Olenick writes in his TechRepublic article, “How to survive organizational restructuring” the following statement: “Ask yourself not “How can I survive this restructuring?” but rather, “How can I benefit from it?” After all, change is a necessary element of progress, and progress is by definition good.”

It’s extremely hard to adjust to change in our lives, personal or professionally. Let’s try to begin to see the restructuring of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) as an opportunity for positive change in our organization. Is it scary? Yes. Are there unknowns? Absolutely. In light of our recent town hall meeting, we should discuss what this means for our organization. First, IAAP considers this a “revitalization” of the organization. Secondly, a lot of our questions have now been answered about how this will proceed.

If you were able to view the webinar (and if you haven’t, you can find it at you would have seen a series of maps that make a distinction between chapter sizes by memberships numbers. It was surprising to see the number of chapters in each category and realize that many, many, chapters have having problems with keeping membership numbers up.

The revitalization of IAAP will change the face of these current chapter structures by creating branches, 27 all together, centered on larger metropolitan areas. These branches focus will be to provide the same quality educational and professional development that we as smaller chapters strive, and sometimes struggle to provide. In these branches, there will be what is termed SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. These groups are being developed with help of Working Groups already in place. At this point and time, there are going to be no leadership position in these branches. However, the same volunteer opportunities and networking opportunities we have in our chapters will continue to drive the organization.

This will not be a quick and painless process, unfortunately. But there are some things we as members of IAAP, an organization that has been around for 72 years, can do to ease the transition. Try to believe that the powers that be are trying their best to make the right decision to keep IAAP moving into the future as a productive and relevant organization. Evaluate your role within the organization and consider your value as an administrative professional and invaluable resource. Ask yourself if you are willing to take a risk, and believe that IAAP in working in your and my best interest. If the answers you find do not lead you to continue membership in IAAP, then perhaps it is time for a change for you. If not, then continue to support your local chapter through the changes to come and continue to strive for excellence.

Know that your local chapter leaders are in the same boat as every other member. We all have questions. We are all scared or apprehensive about this move. But know that these kinds of decisions are never easy for anyone. Please continue to support your local chapter and keep apprised of the steps that will be taken for this revitalization. Decide what is important to you, be willing to take a risk, and most of all take the time to embrace the change for what is....a move to the future.

Andie Mewbourn, CAP-OM

President, Cutting Edge Chapter of IAAP

Please join us for our July 2014 Meeting!

Join the Cutting Edge Chapter on Thursday, July 10, 2014, at 6:00 pm MT (8:00 pm ET). Andie Mewbourn, CAP-OM, will present "The Admin & the iPad".

This program will detail the use of the iPad to increase productivity, manage and increase efficiency of information distribution, records management, communication, and organization and planning. Topics covered will include using the iPad for:

Tracking e-mails
Tracking calendars
Data exchange and document viewing
Note Taking and document management
Communication and collaboration
Remote desktop applications
Expense tracking
Project management
Inventory control
Event planning

One recertification point has been approved for this presentation. Register for this webinar below.

We look forward to seeing you on July 10!

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